Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, it's not really summer yet, but today was my last day of school. I judged the 6th grade costumes for their "Hobbit feast" and we had parties all over the building. The second graders (my kiddos) had a doughnut party. Those kids love to eat! I got bad news yesterday. My co-teacher is being sent to 3rd grade and I will be the only teacher of a very large, very challenging class next year. We both cried all day yesterday. God is sovereign and we will deal. In the great scheme of things it is such a minor thing, but it has broken up a great team and we are sad. My parents were very generous in what they gave me as an end of the year gift (cash!) so I plan to buy some Nestabilities. I've been wanting some for such a long time. Which ones shall I buy? That will be a hard decision! I am looking forward to having time to create. It's had to go on the back burner with all of the end of the year meetings, programs, etc. First, I'll need to do some laundry though! Well, keep looking up.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is the card I made for my mother. She has Alzheimers so every Mother's Day is bittersweet. I tried to coordinate it with the flowers we're taking her. Tomorrow will be a busy day. We are all meeting at my aunt's house about an hour and a half from here. My step-dad and mom are coming down from the Indianapolis area. Both of my boys will be coming over, as will my youngest son's girlfriend. My cousins and all of their children will all be there. My mom's third sister also has Alzheimers and she will be there too. Her daughter lives here in Lexington and she and all of her kids will be coming over as well. The aunt who is hosting the event is the only one of the three sisters who has all of her wits about her. But, it should be fun. I figure if my youngest's girlfriend can handle this rowdy bunch then she's a keeper! We love her and are so happy she can be with us. She and my son will be working at a camp for inner-city children again this summer. They are on duty 24-7 and they both just love it. Well, blessings to all and keep looking up as the day soon approaches.
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